My name is Mama Leeza, a monicker given to me when I served with the Peace Corps in Madagascar. I joined the Peace Corps when I was 60 years old, and my host family consisted of a husband and wife, both of whom were younger than my daughter, and since it didn’t make sense for me to call them “mom and dad,” my host “mom” started calling me Mama Leeza, and it stuck. When I left the u.s. in 2017 and moved to Madagascar, I was actually Blaxiting, leaving the u.s. forever, returning only for brief visits. I was eager to explore the rest of the world, and when my Social Security retirement benefits kicked in while I was still serving Peace Corps (62 years old), I was able to start planning the next few months/years of my life using my Social Security as the budget.

That’s how it started, and since then, I’ve started exploring the world, on a tight budget, meeting some amazing people, and loving this nomadic life I’m living.

2023, with some of my amazing Malagasy English-speaking friends and students. Mahajanga, Madagascar. 💜