Helping Others

I served nearly two years with the Peace Corps in Madagascar (2017-2019), volunteering as an English teacher, and along the way, meeting the kindest, funniest, cleverest, and most generous people on the planet. Each one working to make their lives better and the lives of others around them.

Along the way, many of my FB friends have generously donated to help me help people, and critters, and here are some of the projects and ways we have helped those in need.

I am ever grateful for the kindness and generosity of my friends. Thank you.

Below: “The Green Dogs”

This family lives down the road from me, and unlike many Malagasy, they love their dogs, but with no form of birth control, the number of dogs has gotten out of control, with eight adult dogs, six of whom are female of breeding age, and eight puppies, from two females. Due to the costs, I work with a couple of Malagasy veterinarians who provide Depo Provera shots to about a dozen female dogs I’ve encountered here, in Mahajanga. It’s really my own option as birth control options in Madagascar are:

  • Spay/neuter – 300,000 Ariary ($80 USD)
  • Depo Provera shots, for the females, every six months – 8,000 Ariary ($2.10 USD)
One of the mama dogs who just gave birth to a bunch of puppies.
Eight puppies, two litters from different moms, living together.
Some of the eight adult dogs and eight puppies living here.

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